Give Your Book Corner a Makeover

Book areas in schools and classrooms should be places that children are drawn to and don’t want to leave. They should also be areas that inspire ADULTS in the same way too! As part of the ECaT project in Thurrock, Michael developed a service for settings and schools that helped practitioners take a long hard look at how children and adults interact with books in their book areas. In a very short time we were able to create simple and attractive spaces that were full of children and adults (see the photos for ideas).

To read an article about book areas and ECaT click here.

For information sheets and ideas about book area makeovers click here or here.


Michael also worked with the National Literacy Trust to create an online resource, that became known as the Book Corner Audit.

You are very welcome to use this resource, at no charge!

All you need to do is click here. This will take you to the online audit where you and your colleagues can take a look at the space that you provide for children and adults to share books. Once you have completed the audit, click again and you will get a printout of your findings, and a list of suggestions to make improvements!

Michael is very keen to find out how useful this resource is, so please contact him to give feedback or get more advice.