Behaviour and wellbeing

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Date Publication Title Description
March Bangkok Post A Wink of Sleep Ways of helping young children settle down for a good night’s sleep.
September Special Children And so to Sleep Helping children achieve wellbeing through promoting healthy sleep patterns.
January Special Children Live and Let Die A discussion of the needs of children and young people with life-threatening and life-limiting conditions, and how to support schools.
February Child Education Dealing with death Advice for schools on coping with the death of a pupil.
March Special Children Addressing the E in EBD Innovative work in Denbighshire, North Wales with children and teenagers with emotional needs.
May Special Children Reducing ‘challenging’ behaviour, by promoting wellbeing How children and adults with severe learning difficulties can be helped to develop positive behaviour by promoting a sense of wellbeing. Based on an interview with Dr Dave Hewett.
August Special Children A Soft Touch? Using massage and ‘positive touch’ to reduce aggression in an SEBD school.
April/May Special Children There is an Alternative How families with children with additional learning needs are educating their children at home.
Aug/Sept Special Children Look at Me! An interview with Dr Nigel Mellor, on attention-seeking behaviour in children and young people.
February Special Children Valuing and making the most out of acute sensitivity Exploring how extreme sensitivity can be identified, and how teachers can support children.
January S&L World Acute sensitivity in children: is there a link with selective mutism? (pages 16-18) What is high sensitivity in children, and are they susceptible to selective mutism?
April SEN Magazine Please Don’t Be Quiet Supporting children who are very quiet or who have selective mutism