Adults reflect on SM in their childhoods

One of the biggest concerns that parents of children with SM have is what the future might hold for their children. Teachers also worry about what the best approach should be on a day to day basis to support children with SM.

Here we have two adults looking back on their childhoods and teenage years. As you will see, they both suffered from anxiety as children, and one of its manifestations was Selective Mutism. Unfortunately neither of them had any support throughout their school lives. Despite this they have both developed through life and while they both admit to still feeling anxious at times about talking, they both have successful careers.

To read an adult’s account of anxiety and Selective Mutism in childhood, and her advice for adults click here.

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Silent Children, the excellent DVD produced by SMIRA, features an interview with Rachel Potter, an adult who looks back on her years in primary school as a girl with Selective Mutism. As well as describing how she felt when she was unable to speak in school, she gives a brief account of the technique that was used to help her develop in the early stages of confident speaking in school. Visit SMIRA to order this outstanding DVD.