Useful Reading

Books for adults

‘The Selective Mutism Resource Manual’ by Maggie Johnson and Alison Wintgens. Published by Speechmark.

‘Selective Mutism in Children’ by Tony Cline and Sylvia Baldwin. Published by Whurr Publishing.

‘Silent Children: Approaches to Selective Mutism’ by Rosemary Sage and Alice Sluckin. Published by SMIRA.

Selective Mutism in Our Own Words by Carl Sutton and Cheryl Forrester.

Books for children

‘My Friend Daniel Doesn’t Talk’ by Sharon Longo. Published by Speechmark.

‘Little Mouse’s Big Book of Fears’ by Emily Gravett. Published by Macmillan

Articles on Quiet Children by Michael Jones

No pressure to speak

Please Don’t be Quiet

Quiet Children

Silent Types

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