Barbara Allen-Williams

Founder, Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy

& National Centre for High Sensitivity

Highly Sensitive People (HSPs) and Sensory Processing Sensitivity (SPS)

Our Mission

Our services are aimed at highly sensitive people and those who come into contact with them: whether on a personal or professional basis. We hope to promote awareness, personal development, good relationships, respect and health in the HSP population and through this to encourage HSPs to play a full role in the tribe of man.

The National Centre for High Sensitivity offers training, information, therapy, support, links, ‘Meetups’ and resources around Sensory Processing Sensitivity. Based in Andover, Hampshire UK, we work with HSPs, professionals, parents and their sensitive children, employers and families.

General information

The National Centre for High Sensitivity was founded by Barbara Allen-Williams in 2010. It is sponsored by Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (founded 2002), a private organisation manifesting charitable works. The Centre encourages and supports research into SPS and related human potential for harmonious, authentic living.

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“When we get very clear about our limitations and our needs, we become strong in an entirely new way.’ Brene Brown