Debbie Brace Early Language Consultant

Debbie BraceBaby Talk and Play

Debbie is a highly skilled trainer with an enthusiastic, practical and accessible approach.  She is a qualified and experienced teacher with a degree in drama. Debbie is currently working as an Early Language Consultant, collaborating with Children’s Centres and Early Years teams: devising and facilitating bespoke early language development programmes for Parents, Childminders, outreach teams and Early Years Practitioners. She also delivers courses privately. Debbie lives in Isleworth, Middlesex, with her husband and two young boys. She is committed to empowering parents and carers in their crucial role of communicating and bonding closely with their children. This includes ‘Baby Talk and Play’

Through positive interactive play and discussion, Mums, Dads and Early Years Practitioners are enabled to discover the many ways their child communicates, thus increasing their confidence and strengthening the early bonding experience of parent, practitioner and baby.

I think the teaching of Baby Talk and Play is excellent ….I have noticed a change in the way that my baby responds to me. He is babbling much more, or perhaps I am listening much more….I now realise that I can support my baby’s communication and that I am responsible for it

Parent, North Isleworth Children’s Centre

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