Judith Twani

Judith has a wealth of experience in Early Years and Primary settings both as a practitioner and also as a consultant. Judith has taught in the UK and South Africa and uses those rich experiences to inform her support of teachers and practitioners. In a local Children’s Centre Judith facilitated a weekly exploratory play session for parents and 0-2 year olds and in a nursery supported staff development using cardboard boxes! Judith is passionately committed to inspiring and motivating people to enjoy their work, create exciting and enabling environments and build strong, warm relationships with children. She will challenge your thinking, inspire you to excel, make you laugh and sometimes cry!

Training I can offer:

African Connections

We offer a workshop called “Flour on my Face” which explores culture and identity, racism and discrimination and provides a safe place in which participants can express and explore attitudes.

Judith Twani

Tel: 07807182763

Email: twanitraining@yahoo.co.uk