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Yeah? OK? Or how to improve children’s understanding and behaviour. With help from Georgie Fame, Roxy Music and a talking sheep!

Date posted: Sunday 2nd March 2014

No need to ask me if everything is OK
I got my answer, the only thing I can say
I say yeh yeh, that’s what I say, I say yeh yeh
That’s what I say, yeh yehYeh Yeh Georgie Fame & The Blue Flames 1965
Yeah Yeah Black Sheep

Georgie Fame and The Blue Flames: Yeh Yeh (whatever?) (more…)

Dances with Sheep: or children’s role play in the digital age. With help from Ray Charles, Kevin Costner and Ghita the Digital Shepherd!

Date posted: Saturday 25th January 2014

Have you ever wondered what men get up to when they are lonely, far away from home and surrounded by a flock of sheep? Now, finally, I can confirm the awful truth.

Dances with Wolves
Dances with Smartphone

Sheep have played a part in rural life for centuries, and have found their way into mythology, legends, literature and stories for children. Think Jason and the Golden FleeceFar From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy, The Boy Who Cried Wolf and even Shaun the Sheep. Transhumance, the seasonal migration of people with their flocks of sheep or herds of cattle in search of fresh pasture, is the stuff of legend, as well as being a big feature in American Westerns. Let’s take Dances With Wolves as an example. Kevin Costner took a huge risk when he bought the rights for this film, then produced, directed and starred in it. In 1990 there hadn’t been a hit movie based on life in the 19th century American West for quite some time. It was his directorial debut, and much of the film’s dialogue was to be in the Sioux Lakota language, with English subtitles. Add 6,000 rampaging buffalo (including two tame ones belonging to Neil Young), vast outdoor locations with untrained wolves, and you have a potential turkey on your hands. Kevin pulled it off though, and the film was a massive success. (more…)