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Being a quiet and sensitive child. With help from Black Sabbath, The Who, The Beatles, Elton John and Lesley Duncan!

Date posted: Saturday 12th July 2014


When I was a boy I was often found sitting on my own somewhere. Actually, I was often not found, because I was quite keen to be undisturbed. I think I was OK, but I enjoyed having time to think big thoughts. One day, aged seven, I was lying under the big tree in the garden, wearing my favourite shoes for the last time. They had become too painful to wear, because my feet had grown. There I lay, looking up into the branches, wondering about whether my mum would be able to find me an identical pair of shoes. Suddenly my reverie was broken by a rustling in the trees. My dad later explained to me, as he washed my hair, that in some parts of the world what had happened to me is considered to be a sign of good luck. (more…)

Quiet children with High Sensitivity: helping them by exploring ideas in depth

Date posted: Thursday 13th December 2012

“The Indians send signals from the rocks above the pass”. That first line of a song may mean nothing to you, but if you can recite the next line then you will know it is from ‘Cool for Cats’ by Squeeze. You may even know that the writer was Glenn Tilbrook, who is still being successful almost 30 years on.

What has that got to do with helping quiet children? Please bear with me… I heard Glenn on the radio, talking about his early life and influences, as I was driving down to meet Barbara Allen-Williams, founder of the National Centre for High Sensitivity.