Language & autism (4)
Language & gender (4)
Selective mutism (3)
Developing children's communication (8)
Children's emotions (5)
Children and introversion (2)
High sensitivity (2)
Language & maths (3)
Improving adult communication (3)
Children and ICT (2)
Children & sleep (2)
Improving storytime & assembly (2)
Building vocabulary (3)

Bad Breath!
Understanding mood swings
The silent phase of EAL
Overcoming stage fright
Food poverty/language poverty
Children and trains
Speech sounds
Nelson Mandela tribute
Combating low self-esteem
Children and colour
Men and childcare
Non-verbal communication
Language and autism
'Small talk'
Children's behaviour
Music and feelings
Spelling problems
Describing children accurately
Sharing books with children
Singing and language

‘Talking and Learning with Young Children’:  Special book offer!!

Date posted: Friday 27th November 2015


To all my blog post readers, here I hope, is a special offer you can’t refuse.

My new book about children’s language development has just been published. As far as I know, it is the only book that is based on experience of the Every Child a Talker (ECaT) project.

To take advantage of a special introductory offer, visit the publisher’s website and enter promo code UK15AUTHOR at checkout.


Take care out there!


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